Swim Details


NOTE: The 3.1km distance is cancelled for 2022. Please disregard any information about that distance.

Welcome to one of the best kept secrets in the open water swimming community!  The Across the Lake Swim Rattlesnake Island consists of a more demanding 7km out-and-back swim that loops around the back of Rattlesnake Island.

Although it has been going continuously for over 20 years, this swim event has never been sponsored, advertised, or promoted, and numbers have grown slowly in that time, relying mostly on word of mouth. Starting in 2014, the Rattlesnake Island swim was taken over by the Across The Lake Swim Society, which for many years has been running a highly successful and growing swim in Kelowna in mid July.  The ATLS has grown the participation with enhanced safety features, improved swim support, more prizing, and an improved swag bag.

For those who have done the Rattlesnake Island Swim (RIS) before, there are lots of enhancements for the Swim. Otherwise, here is the blow by blow account of everything you need to know about the RIS, but were afraid to ask:

  • The process starts with the online sign up, which will be the ONLY way to register for the swim.
  • YOU MUST REGISTER A PADDLER TO SUPPORT YOU - you will not be allowed to swim without one.  If you cannot find a paddler, or your paddler fails to appear, you will NOT be able to swim.
  • The 7KM out-and-back swim to and around Rattlesnake Island starts at approximately 7AM from the shores of Swim Bay in Peachland near the yacht club.
  • Support boats will support the swim with lifeguards along the route.
  • All swimmers will be required to use a Swim Buddy (supplied for you n/c), a safety device that you can learn more about here.  You can practice using one of these at the one Swim Clinic in Peachland on the Saturday before the swim, where these will be available, both to test drive and for sale.
  • All registrants are encouraged to attend the free Fresh Air Open Water Swim training clinics put on by the Interior Savings Across the Lake Swim Kelowna for 5 consecutive Saturdays, starting in early June at the Gyro Beach Swim Loop in Kelowna. Also, there will be one Fresh Air Open Water Swim Clinic on Saturday, July  31st, 7am at Swim Bay in Peachland.
  • Race packages will be available for pickup the morning before the swim on Saturday, August 6th, between 6-6:45AM, at the start area at Swim Bay.